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Bespoke Floral Art


"Backyard to Bouquet"

About Bespoke:

"Love is the flower you've got to let grow."
-John Lennon

     Welcome to Bespoke Floral Art! My name is Heather Stroup. Bespoke Floral Art is fueled by my passion for color, beauty, and sustainability. Each arrangement is tailored to your preferences. My flowers are mainly sourced from local growers, promoting our blooming community. 

     I began gardening as a little girl when my grandmother taught me to plant marigolds and irises. Nature is important to me, and I believe we should take time to appreciate the beauty around us, even when we are indoors. 

     I have been blessed with the opportunity to do weddings, parties, and individual floral arrangements. Monthly contract packages are the most popular services I offer, with holiday and seasonal options available. 

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